Just down the road from us, right on the bustling Main Street in Greytown, is a glorious haven for any artist: the Village Art Shop. It’s a wonderland of paints and pastels, pencils and paper, brushes and bristles, frames and more!

The new owners, jewellery artist Richard Hassell and painter Janie Nott, have expanded on the fantastic range to include inspirational books and art products aimed at kids, which make for adorable gifts.

We headed down to help celebrate their success as they took on the business from long-time owner and art community supporter Vanessa, and then ran around taking pictures of both the fabulous, friendly staff and the glorious delights that abound within. What fun!

If you noodle over to the website, we’re sure you’ll find something to get your artistic juices flowing…

Village Art Shop - Website By Nectarine

A final word from a happy client:

Nectarine was like a horse-riding genius in classy armour coming to our rescue from our fear and procrastination of creating a website.Minty and Bek arrived with a camera and despite our lack of clarity, not only created a fantastic website but also loaded photos on it for all our different pages. It was such a relief to be guided and then carried into our website as we trying to get organised with the rest of our business.

We continue to get great feedback on the design of the site and the friendly image Minty and Bek created. Bek is sharp, clear and precise and Minty makes everything accessible and fun. Their knowledge combined certainly creates a well-oiled and polished beautiful machine. Its seldom that technical skills and design come together in such harmony. Thanks guys for saving us!!!

Janie Nott
The Village Art Shop

Village Art Home Page - Website By Nectarine