Paul Thomas is a New Zealand writer: creator of the Tito Ihaka crime fiction series, author of nine books on sport, and regular columnist for the New Zealand Herald and the New Zealand Listener.

He recently moved to the Wairarapa and had seen a website we’d done for the fabulous potter Paul Melser, and was keen to chat about a site to profile his many books, articles and other writing.

We focused on creating a clean site with lots of white space and great pictures in key areas, but one that also gets out of the way when it comes to reading the longer form articles. There you’ll notice (or not!) the menu slip out of sight as you begin reading, but it pops back when you scroll up again. Our attention to font choices, line-heights, column widths and pull-quotes was all in the service of making Paul’s longer articles a pleasure to read on the web.

So if you’re looking for sharp observations and sparkling prose, head over to and have a read!

Paul Thomas Nectarine Website Portfolio