Paul Melser is a renowned Wairarapa painter, potter and writer. He came to us with a plethora of images and text!

Bek really enjoyed designing a site with such interesting content. Paul’s paintings are gripping and thought-provoking, everyone should have at least one of his fabulous pots, and his writing is thoroughly engaging.

One challenge was finding a way to display Paul’s many paintings and pots, and decide how best to show the span of his huge folio of work. We decided on a straight grid-like gallery and simple, clean lines framed in white: this allowed the pieces to speak for themselves.

In paintings, the first layer it shows the various series, and then you click into each to see the paintings in the series. Pottery adds an Ajax-powered gallery, so you can see all the pieces or just cups or bowls or plates- clicking on a choice dynamically filters the display.

The site naturally adapts itself for mobile devices, reformating the layout so it’s optimised for iPads, phones and other platforms. We also handled SEO and search engine submission, and made sure the pottery is on Google Maps.

But we’re also very pleased that Paul has been blogging and adding captions to his work by himself. The simplicity of WordPress gives him the power to update the site, and it’s fast become a focal point for artistic commentary and expression.