We do enjoy supporting local businesses and groups with our print and web work, but it’s also exciting when you get to tackle international sites! Even if it means dealing with Australians…

(Wait, what? Minty, you grew up in Oz and now you’re taking cheap potshots at it? Ah, the Kiwi hooks are in deep…)

The Melbourne Writers’ Theatre aims to be a provider of resources, information and skills development for Victorian playwrights. Unfortunately, their website was a bit run-down and not responsive, and they wanted to expand upon what it offered and bring a fresh new design. Enter Nectarine!

Melbourne Writers' Theatre - Nectarine Portfolio

I could rabbit on about what we did, but sometimes it’s better to hear it straight from the client, so I’ll pass the floor to the lovely Clare Mendes:

Minty and Bek are working miracles across the Tasman as well.They took our dreary website and didn’t just give it a nip here and tuck there – we got a complete facelift. Nothing sags any more! We look young and fresh and vital.

And the procedure wasn’t one bit painful; this was revolutionary surgery, carried out by seasoned, lateral-thinking professionals who encourage you to sit back and relax while they come up with creative ways of making your company look great in cyberspace.

No gimmicks, no empty promises – just a brilliant new site that does everything we hoped it would do as well as offering some innovative features that would never have occurred to us.

Our members love our new image, and so do we!

Clare Mendes
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre

Melbourne Writers' Theatre - Nectarine Portfolio

Melbourne Writers' Theatre - Nectarine Portfolio

Melbourne Writers' Theatre - Featured Member - Nectarine Portfolio

Melbourne Writers' Theatre - Productions - Nectarine Portfolio