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Sheena Mathieson is a visual artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

Her artwork explores the world around us through colour, shape and, where possible, the use of preloved surfaces and materials. She create paintings, prints, drawings, collages, objets d’art and wearable art pieces. Recurrent themes include shape, colour, the human and natural form and spirit, and our tenuous relationship with the environment.

Sheena needed a site to display and sell collections she’s created over the last few years. This involved balancing a clean, clear design to allow the work to feature, and technical considerations of using spreadsheets and image management to make importing new collections into the online shop as efficient as possible. A meeting of the designer and the geek – our favourite thing!

It was also important for Sheena to be able to feel comfortable updating the site herself, so we provided many screen-shotted instructions.

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