I’ve just completed an update on the Pleysier Perkins website, and they’ve obviously been a very busy crew! Six new projects in progress, including some astonishing beach houses. You’ll see in the Press section that they’ve been featured yet again in Australian House magazine, but I reckon the big coup is having one of their houses on Grand Designs. Here’s the teaser:

Julie and Patrick Eltridge bought in Sydney’s beachside Clovelly three years ago, paying $1.6 million for an old house on a sloping block. It was the land and its sea views they wanted, not the asbestos-riddled house.

With time a concern, they have to find a way to fast track a slick, uber modern, two-story residence in a matter of months. The solution comes from Melbourne and a firm of pre-fab builders, who custom build them four top end, architect designed modules in a highly efficient, regulated environment. On completion, the pods will be trucked to Sydney in a dramatic, oversized convoy and then crane lifted into position. Another challenging element of the build centres around the demolition and site preparation in Sydney. One of the site issues has more twists and plot turns than an Agatha Christie novel making the new modules look like a breeze.

Ah, to have 1.6 million to drop on an house that needs to be demolished! Australian house prices are indeed insane, but oh what a gorgeous home Pleysier Perkins created for them.