We pride ourselves in our client relationships!

We know that committing to a website or design project can sometimes seem daunting, and we take pleasure in making the journey as smooth and stress-free as possible. Beyond great design and technical prowess, we focus on helping you achieve a great result that gets your key messages across, and we take the headaches away.

The testimonials that follow give us the warm and fuzzies- life with Nectarine really is just one big basket of fluffy kittens!

Minty and Bek conquered my ‘going online’ challenge and before I knew it there was a beautiful web site showcasing my ceramics.

Now I get extra compliments about my pots because the website looks so good!

Minty and Bek are creative and efficient, they listen and suggest, they encourage and make the decision process easy. I strongly recommend the AMAZING team at Nectarine!

Lisa Donaldson
Lisa Donaldson Ceramics

Nectarine built, hosts and maintains my website gainmomentum.co.nz. I started my business small and have grown exponentially in 16 months.

During that time, Minty and Bek of Nectarine have helped at every turn. They have been efficient, tolerated my technophobia, and produced a dynamic website, amazing advertising campaigns and provided invaluable advice.

I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Nectarine to other business owners!

Linda Penlington
Gain Momentum Ltd

I just love our new logo… it makes my heart sing!

Deirdre Ryan

I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Minty and Bek, who built my site and have kept me sorted.

They take the time to listen to the client to get an understanding of their business and the image they want to project. They also offer advice, ideas and alternative ways that this intend outcome may be achieved. What I’m saying is they don’t just work for you, they actually will and do work with you!

Trevor Lamb
Leather and Art

Thanks for doing an awesome job on our website!

Marshall Miller
M&J Farrier Supplies
(a man of few but precise words)

Working with Nectarine has been a pleasure.

Minty and Bek have been very responsive to my particular requirements for a website and have created a great site for me to present the variety of activities I engage in.

Their efficiency and knowledge of the business is impressive. It has been a very productive and rewarding working relationship. Great value for money!

Paul Melser
Paul Melser Pottery

Minty and Bek took a pile of notes about my two books and made it shine with a brilliant website.

I have worked with them both now for some years and do expect to continue, and its always been a good bunch of fun. And they deliver.

I have recommended them and will again. They are real, honest and hardworking fine people.

Pattie Wright
Ray Parkin’s Odyssey

Nectarine was recommended to us for revamping our organisation’s website. And we are so thankful we contacted Minty to take up the challenge!

Throughout the process, Minty has been unfailingly patient and thorough. He has listened carefully to our needs, and at the same time has integrated material based on his expertise.

He has never been one to flinch from pushing us tactfully and gently to take our website to greater heights than we ever imagined. Our website is a delight to navigate – simple, clear and very accessible.

We highly recommend Nectarine as your website developer; the result will something you can be exceptionally proud of. Thank you Minty, we appreciate the time, PATIENCE and friendliness and wonderful outcome!

Joan Desmond
Camp Anderson

Nectarine have been a wonderful company to work with.

Minty spotted the problems with our old website, produced a beautiful new site in quick time, and has given great on-going feedback. But the best sign of success is that we’ve had MANY more enquiries for our studios since Nectarine created our new site.

Cathryn Kerr
Plum Tree Studios

Nectarine have been looking after me via my presence on the web 15 years, starting with an incredible design that a decade later people were still astonished at how current and inventive it was.

I now have a clean, pared-down update of the site, and yet again, I’m getting tons of praise for it. Nectarine ROCKS!

Gareth Farr
Composer and Percussionist

Minty and Bek are working miracles across the Tasman as well.

They took our dreary website and didn’t just give it a nip here and tuck there – we got a complete facelift. Nothing sags any more! We look young and fresh and vital.

And the procedure wasn’t one bit painful; this was revolutionary surgery, carried out by seasoned, lateral-thinking professionals who encourage you to sit back and relax while they come up with creative ways of making your company look great in cyberspace.

No gimmicks, no empty promises – just a brilliant new site that does everything we hoped it would do as well as offering some innovative features that would never have occurred to us.

Our members love our new image, and so do we!

Clare Mendes
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre

I first starting working with Nectarine back in 2005 so we’ve had a long history working together. Over this period they’ve become an invaluable partner to my business.

Bek can only be described as one of the most talented graphic designers/artists I’ve ever worked with. Not only does she have this incredible talent but very quickly she was able to intuitively understand what I was looking for and provide designs or mockups that required only minimal edits prior to completion. This reduced product development and design time and therefore cost.

Minty became a trusted advisor when I was looking to design new games, review or revise game instructions or make changes to my website or other digital media. He has a finely honed strategic brain and I found myself continually coming to him for his opinions on product, design and company direction. I so valued the partnership with Nectarine that in 2007 I invited Minty to Nurnberg, Germany for the largest toy fair in the world, so that he could help me review and select new product concepts for my company.

I would have no hesitation recommending either Bek or Minty to a prospective business looking for the services Nectarine offer. I’d be happy to talk further with anyone looking to engage Nectarine.

Andrew Baker
IQ Ideas

Nectarine was like a horse-riding genius in classy armour coming to our rescue from our fear and procrastination of creating a website.

Minty and Bek arrived with a camera and despite our lack of clarity, not only created a fantastic website but also loaded photos on it for all our different pages. It was such a relief to be guided and then carried into our website as we trying to get organised with the rest of our business.

We continue to get great feedback on the design of the site and the friendly image Minty and Bek created. Bek is sharp, clear and precise and Minty makes everything accessible and fun. Their knowledge combined certainly creates a well-oiled and polished beautiful machine. Its seldom that technical skills and design come together in such harmony. Thanks guys for saving us!!!

Janie Nott
The Village Art Shop

Just freakin’ completely awesome.

Sean Barnes
Frillys Gluten Free