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Project Description

Speaker cards and envelopes from Webstock 2009

Way back in the last decade, in February of 2009, the fabulous Kai Koenig and I ran a trading card game at the brilliant and enthralling Webstock conference. It was a cracking success, with a google doc of the rules being uploaded by some intrepid punter on the first day, massive trading and analysis going on, and all the speakers rocking their own custom game card.

And we’re back in 2011 to do it again!

At Webstock 2009 I got to meet one of my sci-fi idols, writer and futurist Bruce Sterling. This time, one of the true gods of comics will be there, the illustrious Scott McCloud. And aside from drooling fandom, the conference is packed chock-full of cutting edge presentations about the web, society, technology, comedy and how the whole shebang fits together. Can you tell how much I’m looking forward to it?

We’ll be tweaking our trading card game format with different elements, including an online simulator. For that, I’ve leapt into the Flixel framework– it’s always good to have a real project when you’re learning something new. Of course, with a tight deadline it also adds a frisson of danger- will I get it sorted in time? Will I hit some limit or bug that’ll cause me fits? Perhaps, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! So onwards and upwards with our glorious new game adventure…

So if you’re going to Webstock, do stop and say hi to Kai or me- we might even give you some game tips! And if you don’t have tickets yet, rush to their site and slaver over the amazing line-up of luminaries and then start on that plan to convince your boss that you absolutely must go!

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