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Project Description

I’ve been slowly working away on some illustrations for a board game for Toby Falconer. He has come up with an awesome game in which you have to trap fairies in a Victorian garden to gain victory points. Heaps of fun to play.

Toby wanted a bit of an Art Nouveau look to the fairies, although he also loves many other illustration styles too. He had already worked up a style with another artist – Hamish – in watercolour, and I was keen to keep the feel of that while working in a way that is flexible.

I watercoloured the backgrounds and built the rest of the illustrations up in Illustrator and Photoshop, on layers, so I have control over the colour, size and position of each item. Ivy Fairy is still basically Hamish’s design, turned into my style. Her head needs fixing so it doesn’t look bigger than the other fairies heads!

Above is Nasty Fairy and below are Daffodil, Violet, Rose, Bluebell, Ivy and Nasty Fairies.

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