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Project Description

It’s a race to post the most and discover New Zealand along the way!

Frogmail keeps hands and minds on the hop…

*     Choose a native frog stamp
*     Find towns and landmarks on a NZ map
*     Affix stamps to postcards and post them in the box
*     Look through a magic eyeglass and decipher number codes
*     Challenge players to ‘Sink or Swim’
*     Discover NZ’s native frogs and read fun poems about the frogs’ travels

And the mailbox can double as a bedroom door accessory for real mail!
There’s so much to do… so get hopping!!

Some very interesting challenges to sort out in this one! The game box had to function as a mailbox- that’s a real slot in the front with a magnetic clasp to hold the front panel closed, and the box is quite sturdy and thick to allow it to stand upright easily. There are reusable stickers for the postcards, and a magic eye that you can look through to see concealed answers on each postcard.

Bek came up with the idea of enhancing the original posting game by theming it around frogs, and thus the title came about. She found a local expert to ensure that the four native frogs are accurately illustrated and described.

With a few games under my belt, I’m feeling fairly confident that I’ve got an instructional style for rule books that presents information in a clear, logical and concise manner. Rule writing, much like writing software manuals, is a deep black art of knowing what to say when, and how!

Project Details