A bit of a random moment at WebDU: it appears that Tim Buntel’s daughter Emma named her crayfish after me. I’m still undecided whether a crustacean named Minty is a compliment or an insult, but the most obvious effect was arriving at the WebDU bbq to a welcoming committee of various people holding their hands in the air and making pincer-claw movements while chanting “clickety click.” I have a feeling this is a joke that may not be ending any time soon…

Crayfish Minty

Emma, I believe when I get home I’ll comb the garden looking for some sort of snail or grub, so I can return the tribute favour you so kindly bestowed on me.

(Oh, and Emma? Try not to give your older brother Ellery too much stick over the fact that you got a better score than him in the Trading Card Game… )

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