I’ve got a background in film, and have also done a fair bit of work on interactive museum pieces, so I quite appreciate atmospheric and intriguing installations, especially when they’re like some intriguing movie concept made real.

And that’s what caught my eye in the description of Taylor Boutique’s “Reveal” display at the Urbis Designday:

“I divided the room with eight amazingly technical blinds from Luxaflex, which were automated to lift and fall randomly so the spaces changed and concealed and revealed different parts of the installation. We challenged perceptions of reality as mannequins floated above the couches, the outline of shirts hovered over ash lumber stools, all while beautiful models transformed their outfits from dresses to tops, from work to play, all in-front of the 1500 people who came through the showroom.”

Vicki’s clothing design has always emphasised unique and innovative ways of wearing and draping a single garment, so that it can fulfil many purposes; her famous Circle Dress is perhaps the most well-known in this line.

To bring that transformative concept to life in an installation is brilliant; wish I’d been able to get to Auckland so I could have experienced more than just the pictures!