As both Bek and I have film and animation backgrounds, we’re fans and supporters of Sunset Cinema Carterton, run by the not-for-profit Carterton Film Society.

Sunset Cinema show monthly films at our wonderful Carterton Events Centre, and it’s a great night of film, fun and chatting for local movie lovers.

One comment we had back, though, was that the seating could be a little hard on the rear end after 90 minutes, so Nectarine jumped in to purchase a bulk load of cushions, and then customise them up to further promote Sunset Cinema. A bit of word-smithing, a touch of graphic design, and a good helping of Bek’s sewing skills, and welcome to fancy new cushions.

Check the programme to see if there’s a film night that suits you, and come along and experience Nectarine’s cushiony comfort for yourself!

Sunset Cinema Cushions

Sunset Cinema Cushions Nectarine Sponsorship

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