From us here at Nectarine, we bring you merry Christmas wishes and a big hurrah for 2011!

It’s been a frantic and exciting time leading up to December, racing to meet website deadlines and ensure our Five Men Standing game was in stores, but with the fabulous feedback we’ve been getting it’s all been worth it. Thanks to everyone who’s supported us! And it’s been brilliant to spend the last few days easing up and enjoying this time of year.

For my part, I saw the new year in (after the usual cheers and kisses) on top of a trampoline, tucked up under a duvet with 6 friends, chatting and laughing and watching for shooting stars and satellites passing overhead in the glorious Carterton night sky. We all felt like little kids- well, slightly cheeky kids perhaps, who stayed up for hours until the moreporks started complaining- and it was wonderful! Hope you greeted 2011 with similar zeal.