So we all know about the theory of adding a flaw to a perfect creation, thereby even further highlighting the glory of the endeavour?

Well, that ain’t what happened here. It’s a simple cockup, and we don’t like to be at home to Mr. Cockup.

Last year the card game contained Adobe software icons. This year, reflecting WebDU’s expansion into a massive five streams of presentations and the broader context of the conference, including Silverlight, Javascript, Pipes, Android & iPhone, BlazeDS and much more, we added further software icons and even skills as a scoring bonus.

Unfortunately, the edits to the rules in your conference book left the word “Adobe” in, and as much as we love them, in this case they need to go!

So here’s the rule tweak:

“Every unique Adobe software icon or skill icon in your hand will be worth 15 points.”


Every unique software icon or skill icon in your hand will be worth 15 points.”

Because after all, whatever tools you use are irrelevant- it’s all about the cool stuff you create. We’re all unique in our own ways, and that’s what makes us special. I think we can all hold hands as developers and designers, look beyond our respective software desires, and walk off into a magnificent, shining future together!

Oh, and be assured that the person who edited the rules for the book will be soundly beaten.