WebDU is only ten days away and I’m getting more excited than a tweeny at a Jonas Brothers concert!

Webdu Email Header

There’s a stellar line-up of speakers across 5 massive concurrent streams. My only concern is that I’ll probably jump from stream to stream, and as we all know, you should never cross the streams!
(If you don’t get that reference, you somehow missed Ghostbusters. Which probably also means you weren’t born in the dark depths of the last century, unlike yours truly. Sigh. Kids these days- no sense of history.)

Anyway, I’m also super-duper-trooper thrilled to be running the WebDU Trading Card Game again with Agent K, the infamous Kai Koenig. If you’re going to WebDU, feel free to say hi and pummel us for rule hints, but note: we cannot be bribed*.

Finally, if you’ve found some excuse NOT to attend, be it economic or pandemic, zombie invasion or bikie warfare, those fine folk at WebDU have two excellent initiatives that let you score FREE tickets: a Twitter competition (ends this weekend) and a WebDU 2009 Scholarship (a community initiative sponsored by Daemon).

So I hope I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one with glazed eyes from geek overload!


* Unless the bribes involve chocolate, cocktails or an introduction to Summer Glau.