The latest from Pukaha National Wildlife Centre is Te Wahi Wētā (The Wētā Place), which is now open to explore. This awesome new area of Pūkaha needed a sub-brand of its own, and so we had the opportunity to design another character in signature Pūkaha style, as well as a range of signage for the fit out.

The Pūkaha presence within these designs is strong, despite the fact that the logo is mostly not incorporated, proving that branding is more than just a logo. Angled dividers, colour blocks, flat illustration, and cohesive fonts are all part of the style we created for Pūkaha.

For some of The Wētā Place signage we also had had to create more detailed illustrations of the different types of wētā and their habitats. These fun, engaging signs help visitors appreciate the uniqueness of each wētā, and then identify them in real life.