When each season of Taylor arrives at the Nectarine office, on go the blinkers for the following week. The world of fashion waits for no one, so we generally have a tight deadline to turn around the seasons marketing media.

We begin by making a selection from the thousands of photographs that arrive in their original format, and then we proceed in processing that selection. Hundreds of images are retouched, aligned and treated one at a time.

From there we begin putting together the print media – the lookbooks and A2 folding poster must be finalised for the printers.

We design the lookbooks with visual flow at their core – as you roll through the pages you are hit with fresh composition on every page, and the model appears to dance across space, appearing in varying depths of field. What we end up with is a striking design, a lookbook as effortlessly refined as the garments it showcases.

The A2 folding poster and the wallhanging combine all the very best shots of each garment, each look meticulously arranged to showcase the season’s collection as one.

Seeing it this way you can really experience the graduation of black & white into colour and appreciate the cohesiveness of the range.

A2 Folding Poster