Dedicated kaitiaki / guardians of the forest, Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre has long been a leader in the restoration and protection of Aotearoa’s wildlife. Fundamentally founded on the strength of their partnerships with Rangitāne o Wairarapa, DOC, and the locals – Pūkaha is committed to sharing their passion for nature with the community and the nation.

At the front line of this philosophy is Pūkaha’s visual identity, which represents them in a captivating and creative way. Pūkaha was re-branded with the aim of influencing all those involved with their wildlife centre, from volunteers to visitors. It’s a brand that tells the story of Pūkaha’s unique culture, and it’s just the beginning of what they have to offer.

The cornerstone of the brand is the new logo featuring iconic Kahurangi the kōkako. The new logo represents Pūkaha sincerely and in style, with a striking emblem that will be the face of their future. To accompany the strongkōkako logo we created matching characters of a kākā, kiwi, tuatara, tuna (eel) & takahe. The Pūkaha characters are a fun, engaging extension of the brand. Designed in the same graphic and Māori inspired style as the logo kōkako, they build on Pūkaha’s all-inclusive philosophy and image.

These characters are primarily used in collateral that is for sale eg. merchandise and membership cards. This allows for a more interactive buyer experience where they can choose their favourite characters and personify them.

We also created a sub-brand for Pūkaha’s Kākā Café.  Branding Kākā Café served as a way to showcase its major role in the day to day running of Pūkaha. It is important to distinguish that Kākā Café is a separate part of Pūkaha and that visitors are able to call in for the Café without needing to enter the wildlife centre grounds.

The Kākā Café logo is also a cheeky nod to the kākās that populate the bush nearby and often come to investigate customers food. Similarly styled to the kōkako of the Pūkaha logo and the additional Pūkaha characters, The Kākā Café logo is graphic, bold and striking.

Part of delivery of the brand included a comprehensive 30 page Brand Identity Guide. The document is the essence of Pūkaha’s visual identity, depicting the many elements that make up their brand, and detailing their purpose.

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