5 04, 2016

Number 29 Website

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Number 29 is award winning extra virgin olive oil, made in New Zealand on Waiheke Island by Prue and Grahame Taylor. They asked for a website that would tell the story of their amazing oil, from the gorgeous Waiheke location and modern premises, to their award winning packaging design and stockists. Nectarine used Squarespace to create a stylish minimalist website that is easily updatable by Number 29.

15 03, 2016

Farah DeJohnette website makeover

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Following the successful design of the FDH logo a few years back, Farah asked Nectarine to do a make-over on her website. After talking to her marketing specialist who thought that her video-based homepage wasn't working very well for new visitors to her site, Farah decided to revamp. Nectarine helped Farah with a solution to the problem and designed and created two home pages. One for non-members and one for members. The default non-members page has access to information including the FDH Blog, about Farah [...]

15 03, 2016

Bowen Hospital Installation – added panel

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Nectarine designed five large scale panels for an installation for the Bowen Hospital in 2011-12. Recently the Bowen Hospital decided to add a sixth panel to the installation depicting the new Bowen Centre which includes a theatre suite completed in 2012. We worked with specialist architectural photographer Jason Mann who took some fabulous up-to-date photographs of the hospital including the new Centre. The panels feature a collage of photographs sourced from libraries around the country and a timeline along the bottom. The sixth panel created [...]

20 05, 2011

Wellycon 2011 – 4th & 5th of June

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Wellycon, the astonishing weekend of boardgame fun, is back again for 2011. With a new venue and an expanded program, it’s going to be amazing! If you love games, you need to be there. Here’s the spiel, directly from the Wellcon folk themselves: This year we are located at: […]

13 04, 2011

Blast from the past – Tork game

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Almost a decade ago, when we were based in Melbourne, we created an online Flash game called “Tork”. I was stumbling around the internet yesterday and came across more people talking about it, which is fairly pleasing for something that we made in the Neolithic period (at least as far as Internet time is measured…) […]

22 02, 2011

Webstock racing card game- post mortem

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Whew. Last week was madness! There was the frantic rush to complete all elements of the Webstock racing card game, which included writing up all the rules and flavour text for the 43 cards, checking it all to make sure it went to the printers without error, and sorting out Twitter for the rolling release of further rules and tips. I was very glad to be working with the fab Kai and Diane again; we do really seem to complement [...]

2 02, 2011

Webstock 2011 trading card game!

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Way back in the last decade, in February of 2009, the fabulous Kai Koenig and I ran a trading card game at the brilliant and enthralling Webstock conference. It was a cracking success, with a google doc of the rules being uploaded by some intrepid punter on the first day, massive trading and analysis going on, and all the speakers rocking their own custom game card. And we’re back in 2011 to do it again! At Webstock 2009 I got [...]

1 01, 2011

Hurrah for 2011!

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From us here at Nectarine, we bring you merry Christmas wishes and a big hurrah for 2011! It's been a frantic and exciting time leading up to December, racing to meet website deadlines and ensure our Five Men Standing game was in stores, but with the fabulous feedback we've been getting it's all been worth it. Thanks to everyone who's supported us! And it's been brilliant to spend the last few days easing up and enjoying this time of year. For my part, I saw [...]

14 12, 2010

Five Men Standing gets press coverage

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Five Men Standing, the official game of Rugby World Cup 2011 that’s a collaboration between us and IQIdeas, has been getting a bit of coverage lately. Andrew Baker spoke to Murray Deaker on Newstalk ZB last night about the game, there’s an upcoming Otago Daily Times article and we chatted to Kerri Bowling of the Wairarapa Midweek and scored front-page coverage! Woot! World famous in Carterton (and, well, the rest of the Wairarapa). Hey, is Oprah’s still visiting the big west isle? Is it too [...]