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8 03, 2013

Skint To Mint boardgame Quickplay Rules

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Being in a somewhat niche market like boardgames can lead to interesting phonecalls! A recent one was from the Reserve Bank who had an existing boardgame called "Skint To Mint". It's aimed at raising financial literacy and teaching people about the difference between types of investments, including Savings, Stocks and Property. Working closely with the Young Enterprise Trust, the Reserve Bank has seen Skint To Mint being used successfully in a variety of areas, but there was a growing need to be able to play [...]

10 12, 2012

Game Drive boardgame

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GAME DRIVE: Race your fellow conservationists from Camp to each of the wildlife reserves. In those reserves, complete Game Drives with Animal Photo and Tracker cards, and use Rangers to protect the Big Five. Along the way, look out for flash floods and elephant charges, and be warned – there are Poachers out there! It’s just like being there – but without the mosquitos! Game Drive creators Mark Jennings and Andrea Crompton first thought of the idea for a conservation game while sitting in the [...]

25 08, 2011

Happy Sheep

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Happy Sheep's a fast, fun game of memory, deduction and bluffing. It's a fabulous family game, but it's also got enough calculation and deception to make it a great light filler for serious gamers. The lovely thing about it is that is seems very simple: lay out the lovely wooden tiles in a grid, start peeking at them and moving them around, and yell "Happy Sheep" when you think you know where four tiles in a group that are all black or all white. Except [...]

22 02, 2011

Five Men Standing

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You're poised on the emerald pitch at Eden Park for the Final of Rugby World Cup 2011. It’s the dying moments of the game. The score is deadlocked and the crowd is screaming. The ball is passed out to the back line: the outcome hinges on what you do next! Five Men Standing is the official game of Rugby World Cup 2011. It's for both lovers of the glorious Game, and those who have never held a Rugby ball in their hands. Fast paced, competitive, [...]

20 07, 2010

Snacks and Bladders

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Snacks and Bladders is a wonderful exploration of the human body and the food we eat to fuel it. Correctly identify body parts and make wise food choices to stay ahead of your opponents as you travel through the digestive system. An entertaining way to learn about this fascinating subject. This one has all the stuff in it that kids love- poos, wees and vomit! Seriously, it's a fabulous romp through digestion and food, and another great collaboration with Romina Marinkovich of Moa Hunt fame.We [...]

20 07, 2010


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Grow four in a row but don't topple on your go! What do you get when you cross Connect-4 with Jenga? A game that everyone wants to play again immediately after they've finished their first game! A delightfully tactile, action-packed game that builds to a nail-biting conclusion as players take turns adding to an ever growing tree - that becomes more unstable with every move! Bek tackled the photography both for the cover and the rules, adding a bit of Photoshop magic to bring the [...]

20 07, 2010


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It’s a race to post the most and discover New Zealand along the way! Frogmail keeps hands and minds on the hop... *     Choose a native frog stamp *     Find towns and landmarks on a NZ map *     Affix stamps to postcards and post them in the box *     Look through a magic eyeglass and decipher number codes *     Challenge players to ‘Sink or Swim’ *     Discover NZ’s native frogs and read fun poems about the frogs’ travels And the mailbox can double as a [...]

20 07, 2010

The Terrific Tuatara Trail

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Ready to take the ultimate journey of discovery? Travel through time and rediscover New Zealand’s rich historical past.  Answer questions as you go, and earn points by collecting worms, wetas, millipedes and beetles. The player with the largest collection of delicious tuatara treats at the end of the journey wins the game! More gorgeous illustration by Bek sets this in the "Moa Hunt" family, but it expands on geography to add general and historical knowledge. We had a fair amount of input in terms of [...]

20 07, 2010


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No matter what your thinking style, Cognition is a game that is guaranteed to test your mental stamina and tickle your funny bone in equal measure!  Designed by talented (and slightly twisted) Kiwi brothers David & Andrew Akers, Cognition is the perfect game to bring out after Christmas lunch when you have run out of things to say to your family! Bek's job here was to take a great but definitely home-brewed game to a professional print stage, and she's done that with a clean, consistent [...]