Grow four in a row but don’t topple on your go!

What do you get when you cross Connect-4 with Jenga? A game that everyone wants to play again immediately after they’ve finished their first game!

A delightfully tactile, action-packed game that builds to a nail-biting conclusion as players take turns adding to an ever growing tree – that becomes more unstable with every move!

Bek tackled the photography both for the cover and the rules, adding a bit of Photoshop magic to bring the tree to life.

Her bright, bubbly design reflects how much fun the game is to play. I was with Andrew at the Nuremburg Toy Fair when it was launched. People would walk by and we’d offer them a piece to stick on the tree to try it. We’d made sure, however, that it was very close to toppling, so sure enough it would crash and scatter everywhere.

They’d look shocked and mortified until we told them that was part of the game- it made for a very easy sell!