David and Margaret Allis of Edugames came to us with a box re-design job for their award-winning game Time Zone. The original box was starting to look a bit dated:

The initial direction was for an illustrative approach, but after some work, they decided it wasn’t quite the look they were after.

Bek kept the steampunk influences that they liked, and made the title more of the hero.

To create the final design, Bek used Photoshop to create layers of paper texture, photos of cogs and clocks, shadows, detailed linework and text to create the front of the box.

It still felt like it needed one more element to tie everything together, so she also created a frame and corners for the box in Illustrator. The frame gives the box some weight, and adds to the suggestion of functional look for the whole package:

You can buy Time Zone from the Edugames online shop!

Timezone - final product

Time Zone – the final design!