Those of you who were at WebDU last year will no doubt remember the joys, tears, triumphs and trauma of the Trading Card Game that Kai Koenig and I ran. Well, we’re at it again at the fabulous Webstock Wellington!

Here’s one of the cards, designed by the fab Ange Vink:

Webstock Jane Mcgonigal Card

On the insanely remote chance you unavoidably missed WebDU, the lowdown on the game is below.

I’m really looking forward to running the game- it was a blast last time, with attendees racing around haggling and pleading and then falling into an Analysis Paralysis stupor as they tried to max out their hands.

At Webstock there’ll be more cards, which gave me a chance to write even more incredibly witty rules and flavour text about a whole group of astonishing speakers (many of whom I’ve never met, so I may well be burnt at the stake for wandering into taboo personal space…)

Speaking of speakers… is it too fanboi-ish to bring along my copy of Schismatrix Plus for Bruce Sterling to sign? In blood, so I can sequence his DNA on my home-built testing unit? That’s not too weird, is it?

Anyway, I hope to see you at Webstock! Come and say hi- I’ll be the one called Minty looking a little harried as I debate the semantic meaning of my use of the word ‘card’ in the rules. 😛

UPDATE: Read about how it went in the Trading Card Game Post-Mortem!