We are thrilled to finally showcase ’Hohi 1816’ in the flesh! This boardgame about Aotearoa’s first school was created by Ruth Lemon and developed by Richard Durham with our Minty.

We were also responsible for all of the graphic design, with Bek creating a huge series of illustrations that can be seen on many of the game components.
Scroll down to see lots of pictures!

‘Hohi 1816’ is an extensive game spanning three chapters and many locations around Aotearoa.

An engaging academic game, ‘Hohi 1816’ will take you back to 1793 and through the following 25 years as you investigate people, places and events related to the opening of the first western-style school in “choose your own adventure” style.

Playing ‘Hohi 1816’ is an awesome adventure in to New Zealand’s history, an experience further enhanced by such vibrant cohesive graphics and seamless development.

Check out more of ‘Hohi 1816’ in the following gallery.

Game Components

– One Rulebook
– One Hohi 1816 board
– Two double-sided Map boards
– Four double-sided Player Aid boards
– One Knowledge token
– One Waka pawn
– One timer
– 6 Challenge dice
– 36 Time tokens
– 3 Objective cards
 (1 for each of the 3 Chapters)
– 50 Location cards
 (CH1: 13, CH2: 25, CH3: 12)
– 37 Discovery cards
 (CH1: 11, CH2: 15, CH3: 11)
– 31 Knowledge cards
 (CH1: 13, CH2: 12, CH3: 6)
– 36 Kupu word cards


* Please note that Hohi 1816 is not commercially available yet. We will let you know if this changes!

Chapter One

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