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Minty's madly passionate about boardgames, education, websites and other geekery. He codes in actionscript, php, css, javascript, lingo and HTML, loves the power of the written word and makes a mean seared-steak salad with feta and roasted pine-nuts.
1 03, 2013

Camp Anderson website

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Camp Anderson is situated at Riversdale Beach, 55kms south-east of Masterton on the Wairarapa’s eastern coast. It’s a wonderful choice for people who enjoy swimming, diving, fishing or simply enjoying an unspoilt beach environment. The camp is a perfect venue for school groups, sports groups, church retreats, business team building retreats, conferences and family gatherings. But sadly, their previous website was very out of date and only worked in Internet Explorer. Nectarine were engaged to bring a new, vibrant look to the site and update [...]

8 02, 2013

Wheelbarrow Race – updated website

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Four years ago we created a free website to promote one of Carterton's fabulously unique days, The Great Carterton Wheelbarrow Race. The day comprises many events and activities, including kids and adults races, mobility scooter race and decorated barrows and more. The highlight, however, is the Gladston To Carterton Endurance Event. For this, two mad (and madly fit) competitors take it in turns to push each other in a wheelbarrow the whole 13 kilometers from Gladstone to Carterton! The race celebrates the story of one [...]

30 01, 2013

Bowen Hospital artwork installation

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In a bit of a change of scale from our usual design work, this project required creating five panels for the Bowen Hospital, each 1.2 metres high. The panels feature a timeline and key images celebrating the hospital's history and 100th anniversary. The project included sourcing specific images from libraries, doing layout and design, working with a framer to install the panels behind museum-quality glass, and preparing the area with curtains for the launch ceremony. The installation was opened by the Govenor General, Sir Anand [...]

25 01, 2013

HELO website

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HELO, the Home Early Learning Organisation of New Zealand, represents nearly 9000 children and 50% of the in-home ECE sector, including over 4000 Educators, Nannies and Au Pairs. They needed a site up promptly to describe their organisation, their aims, and call for further members. Nectarine leapt to the task and in a few days they were up and running with a clean, intuitive, SEO-optimised website. It's also responsive - the layout adapts itself for small screen devices - and the membership form writes to [...]

6 12, 2012

The Farrier website

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As a farrier, you'll often find you need particular supplies in a hurry, and being able find what you want 24 hours a day is a big bonus. That's why M&J Farrier Supplies got in touch with us about a website, and now they're offering hundreds of products online to help keep horses in the Wairarapa and Wellington areas in great shape. Marshall is a New Zealand Qualified Farrier, with almost 20 years experience. He and his wife Jo were tossing around possible domain names [...]

2 11, 2012

Wairarapa Summer Rally website

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Some websites are large, and have complex requirements. Some are small, and actually benefit from keeping things as lean as possible! The website for the Wairarapa Summer Rally is a good example of the latter. It provides information quickly and cleanly, and in a conscious decision to keep thing simple, has no menu- a single 'Buy Tickets' button is all that was needed. The background picture of the Wairarapa hills rushing towards you was provided by the excellent people at The Sign Factory in Masterton. [...]

28 09, 2012

Ray Parkin’s Odyssey website

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Of all the myriad stories to emerge from the chaos and horror of the Second World War, Ray Parkin’s is perhaps the most fascinating and illuminating. A self-educated Petty Officer, Ray Parkin developed into one of the most acute chroniclers of the POW experience in Java, The Thai-Burma Railway and Japan, writing three classic books on his experiences. He was also an artist of note, and his visual record of those years serves as one of the most powerful and moving accounts of the experience. [...]

19 08, 2012

Montessori logo

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Sometimes, in amongst the websites and boardgames, it’s easy to forget to mention the smaller jobs! And yet the results from a couple of hours of Bek’s time, with her lovely eye for beauty and clarity, can produce a design that has superb ongoing results. Case in point, her creation of a logo for Montessori at South End: There’s a suggestion of a sunrise and a real sense of Aotearoa in the logo, and as a whole it’s strong and clear. […]

2 08, 2012

Taylor Boutique – Summer 2012 – The Shadow Collection

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Our favourite fashion people, those gorgeous and brilliant folk at Taylor Boutique, have just launched their Summer 2012 collection, based around the theme of shadows. A new collection also means a lot of print work and a big website update for us! Following is a sprinkling of Bek's fabulous graphics work (click for larger images). You can also see the Taylor Boutique website here, and shop online!