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Minty's madly passionate about boardgames, education, websites and other geekery. He codes in actionscript, php, css, javascript, lingo and HTML, loves the power of the written word and makes a mean seared-steak salad with feta and roasted pine-nuts.
18 11, 2014

Melbourne Writers’ Theatre website

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We do enjoy supporting local businesses and groups with our print and web work, but it's also exciting when you get to tackle international sites! Even if it means dealing with Australians... (Wait, what? Minty, you grew up in Oz and now you're taking cheap potshots at it? Ah, the Kiwi hooks are in deep...) The Melbourne Writers' Theatre aims to be a provider of resources, information and skills development for Victorian playwrights. Unfortunately, their website was a bit run-down and not responsive, and they [...]

13 11, 2014

The Shelter website

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The Shelter is a new Auckland concept store envisioned by established New Zealand fashion designer Vicki Taylor. The Shelter is a shared contemporary space of like-minded, design-led brands that create a relaxed artistic experience for the discerning shopper. Located on Mackelvie Street in Ponsonby, The Shelter houses a carefully curated selection of new and established brands, both from New Zealand and abroad. Brands include Danish clothing designer Barbara Gongini, Canadian jewellery designer Arielle de Pinto and local brands such as Monday's Child from Christchurch and [...]

3 11, 2014

Chess Craft website

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It's a delight to be able to work on a site that brings gorgeous, hand-crafted New Zealand work to the world! Chess Craft create unique chess sets and chess boards, and have just come under new management in the form of David and Stella. They wanted a fresh look and a sparkly new website, and we had great fun coming up with both. The photos on the site got particular attention, being put through the Photoshop gamut to ensure that the details of the hand-painting [...]

25 07, 2014

Leather and Art relaunch

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Trevor Lamb is a leatherwork master craftsman who makes astonishing leather creations. Nectarine built him a website 5 years ago at, and we've just relaunched the site with a bold new look that's also fully responsive to take full advantage of new photos of his amazing work. The homepage features full-screen images of the vast array of Trev's work, from his incredible steampunk, fantasy, flying and motorcycle helmets, to his bags, satchels, sheathes, holsters and wallets.

28 05, 2014

Spouts and Spigots website

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Spouts and Spigots is inspired by the beauty of antique European tap design. Their products feature centuries-old design and ornate castings made from brass and bronze – perfect for adding elegance to your garden or home. And Nectarine's created a site that captures that elegance, showing off the wonderful tapware photos by Lydia Meynard in a site that's both gorgeous and simple to approach. The site's fully responsive and features a Woocommerce online store, so you can buy your exquisite piece of tap design directly [...]

12 11, 2013

The Maths Truck Signage

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The Maths Truck is a mobile maths tuition program established by businessman and tutor Andrew Baker, who aims to make maths engaging, fun and easily accessible to young children and families. Andrew was inspired by celebrity chef Michael Van de Elzen's Food Truck, as a way of making maths easily accessible and convenient for families because tuition can be delivered during school time or at a location close to school or home. Andrew's using a lovely retro caravan as his flagship, and Bek was called [...]

8 10, 2013

Where do the months go?

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Gak! It's October already! We've been so busy at Nectarine, there's been little time for updating our own blog. So before it gets completely out of hand, here's a couple of projects we've finished recently: the PRomote PR website and the Fruitfire website. Okay, onwards and upwards, and some slightly higher quality reportage will appear here once the decks have been cleared a little more! Fruitfire Website PRomote PR Website    

19 05, 2013

Plum Tree Studios website

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Plum Tree Studios - Cathryn and Marty at Plum Tree Studios make absolutely gorgeous studios: beautifully designed and finished with superb craftsmanship. They had a website, but it was starting to show its age: it didn't look good on mobile phones, it wasn't ranking well with search engines, and the pictures were tiny and not as exciting as they could be. So we leapt into a new, revamped site. We kept it clean and simple, allowing their two main logo colours and [...]

8 04, 2013

Emma Bass – updated site

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Last year we launched a new site for award-winning Auckland-based photographer Emma Bass (which replaced a site we'd created for her many years ago in the ancient times of the 'net when Flash ruled the world). It's always very satisfying to see a website become a focal point for growing a career, and the latest update reflects the Emma's continued rise in the field in both the professional and artistic areas. Her Imperfect exhibition was such an ongoing success that she's launching Imperfect II soon. [...]

8 03, 2013

Skint To Mint boardgame Quickplay Rules

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Being in a somewhat niche market like boardgames can lead to interesting phonecalls! A recent one was from the Reserve Bank who had an existing boardgame called "Skint To Mint". It's aimed at raising financial literacy and teaching people about the difference between types of investments, including Savings, Stocks and Property. Working closely with the Young Enterprise Trust, the Reserve Bank has seen Skint To Mint being used successfully in a variety of areas, but there was a growing need to be able to play [...]