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Minty's madly passionate about boardgames, education, websites and other geekery. He codes in actionscript, php, css, javascript, lingo and HTML, loves the power of the written word and makes a mean seared-steak salad with feta and roasted pine-nuts.
3 09, 2016

Enchanted Iron – Gates, Screens and Sculpture – website

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Nectarine received a call from Helen Mitchell-Shand; she was looking to kick her business Enchanted Iron into full gear, which included a website revamp! Helen's passion is bringing a sense of enchantment to Kiwi homes and gardens. She draws inspiration from the natural world: her iron work reflects New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna, each design evolving from a love of art and its ability to excite and delight. Her current site was showing its age a bit: small pictures, not mobile friendly, lacking some [...]

23 08, 2016

Nectarine sponsors Wairarapa Hockey

By | 2017-04-09T21:16:46+00:00 August 23rd, 2016|Design Portfolio, News|0 Comments

We're thrilled to live in the Wairarapa, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and people by wonderful, creative personalities! So we're also excited about supporting our local community, and this time it's the under 15 Wairarapa Girls Hockey reps, who are off to regional and national tournaments in Tauranga. The pics below show the delightful and lovely Rosalie modeling her training top. Best of luck to the team as they head away to face the best from around the country!

21 06, 2016

Gallin Farm Alpacas logo, business card and website

By | 2017-04-09T21:16:46+00:00 June 21st, 2016|Design Portfolio, Website Portfolio|0 Comments

To tell the truth, an alpaca farm isn't the first place that comes to mind for a getaway retreat, but when Gallin Farm owner Sue McAuley showed us the stunning views, the mouth-watering menu drawn from locally-produced ingredients, and the facilities, it all started to look very inviting! And so off we raced: a new logo, a business card, and a fancy, responsive website. Once again, Bek's ability to take a brief, engage her design magic and produce something gorgeous and unique came to the [...]

7 05, 2016

Cameron & Co website, logo and letterhead

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Cameron & Co are a Christchurch-based law firm with a long and storied tradition, who were looking for a design makeover that would reflect the many changes that had happened in their business since the earthquakes. They wanted a fresh new look; something clean but also friendly, representing their focus on people and services, and the fact rather than one monolithic head office, they have four suburban offices located right within the communities they serve. Bek designed a new logo and letterhead, and then we [...]

5 04, 2016

Paul Thomas website

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Paul Thomas is a New Zealand writer: creator of the Tito Ihaka crime fiction series, author of nine books on sport, and regular columnist for the New Zealand Herald and the New Zealand Listener. He recently moved to the Wairarapa and had seen a website we'd done for the fabulous potter Paul Melser, and was keen to chat about a site to profile his many books, articles and other writing. We focused on creating a clean site with lots of white space and great pictures [...]

24 02, 2015

Andi Steinemann Construction website

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Andi is a Swiss-born builder who spent a lot of time in New Zealand and has now relocated here, bringing his wealth of skills to the Wairarapa. So he needed a website to match! We went with a funky one-page site that tells the story of his skills, expertise and project history in a clean and direct manner. The website is, of course, responsive and SEO enhanced. Pretty too!

31 12, 2014

Tripoli Bistro website for Marlon Tortoza

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Tripoli Bistro in Masterton has entered into new management. With that comes new opening hours, a new menu, new specials... and a new website! Owner Marlon Tortoza needed something up fast, so we leapt into action and whipped up a clean responsive website to tell the world about their fantastic food and fabulous specials. Job done, and only one decision left- a mouth-watering pizza or one of the new open gourmet burgers? Yum...

3 12, 2014

Salta Horses logo

By | 2017-04-09T21:16:46+00:00 December 3rd, 2014|Design Portfolio|0 Comments

Dierdre Ryan already had a simple logo for her company Salta Limited: For her Salta Horses venture, she wanted something that retained the feel of her original logo, but captured the essence of the caring and therapeutic benefits she creates when working with people and horses. Bek waved her magic design wand and produced the new look! Dierdre's response? "I just love our new logo.. it makes my heart sing!" That kind of feedback is like an early Christmas present!

26 11, 2014

Lisa Donaldson Ceramics website

By | 2017-04-09T21:16:46+00:00 November 26th, 2014|Website Portfolio|0 Comments

Sometimes creating a website can take a fair bit of effort, to make sure all the disparate elements work together to tell a cohesive story with a design that reflects the content. And then sometimes it's just easy-peasy lemon-squeezy! That was the story with the site for Lisa Donaldson Ceramics. Lisa's work is so gorgeous and has such a unique style that it just came together without much fuss. Her cups, bowls, vases and other pottery items are delightful, and now she's got a responsive [...]

18 11, 2014

Melbourne Writers’ Theatre website

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We do enjoy supporting local businesses and groups with our print and web work, but it's also exciting when you get to tackle international sites! Even if it means dealing with Australians... (Wait, what? Minty, you grew up in Oz and now you're taking cheap potshots at it? Ah, the Kiwi hooks are in deep...) The Melbourne Writers' Theatre aims to be a provider of resources, information and skills development for Victorian playwrights. Unfortunately, their website was a bit run-down and not responsive, and they [...]