Core Anim Graphics 1

In 2017 Core Education created an animated video about Universal Design for Learning. They had staff members who could do the animation and editing, but needed help with illustrations for characters and background locations. It’s not often Bek gets to put her Post Grad Diploma in Animation to good use so she certainly enjoyed working on this one.

Bek created the graphics needed for each scene, ensuring that all illustrations for backgrounds were scalable for camera moves, they were in well named layers and that all characters were layered and jointed puppets.

There were 50 or so scenes in the Universal Design for Learning video, and then in 2018 Core requested extra characters to be added for new videos on Teacher Induction.

Illustration Universal Design for Learning Video

Core Anim Graphics 3
Core Anim Graphics 2
Core Anim Graphics 4
Core Anim Graphics 5

Additional Characters for Teacher Induction Videos

Core Anim Graphics 7
Core Anim Graphics 11
Core Anim Graphics 10
Core Anim Graphics 9
Core Anim Graphics 8
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