Destination Wairarapa website design


For this overhaul of the huge Destination Wairarapa website, we worked closely with Robin Marshall of Mdigital. Bek tackled a fresh new design, Robin sorted the backend, and I floated between the both sides of the project! The result? A lovely, playful design that reflects the Wairarapa's country life-style, and a site that loads so much more efficiently and rapidly [...]

Paul Melser Website


Paul Melser is a renowned Wairarapa painter, potter and writer. He came to us with a plethora of images and text! Bek really enjoyed designing a site with such interesting content. Paul's paintings are gripping and thought-provoking, everyone should have at least one of his fabulous pots, and his writing is thoroughly engaging. One challenge was finding a way to display [...]

Emma Bass – updated site


Last year we launched a new site for award-winning Auckland-based photographer Emma Bass (which replaced a site we'd created for her many years ago in the ancient times of the 'net when Flash ruled the world). It's always very satisfying to see a website become a focal point for growing a career, and the latest update reflects the Emma's continued [...]

HELO website


HELO, the Home Early Learning Organisation of New Zealand, represents nearly 9000 children and 50% of the in-home ECE sector, including over 4000 Educators, Nannies and Au Pairs. They needed a site up promptly to describe their organisation, their aims, and call for further members. Nectarine leapt to the task and in a few days they were up and running [...]

Ray Parkin’s Odyssey website


Of all the myriad stories to emerge from the chaos and horror of the Second World War, Ray Parkin’s is perhaps the most fascinating and illuminating. A self-educated Petty Officer, Ray Parkin developed into one of the most acute chroniclers of the POW experience in Java, The Thai-Burma Railway and Japan, writing three classic books on his experiences. He was [...]

Gareth Farr website


Gareth Farr is one of New Zealand's most prolific and respected composers. His recent works include the Rugby World Cup 2011 theme,  the soundtrack to Vula, the NZ Ballet's "The Wedding", the music for the opening of Te Papa, composition for the 2000 Olympic games, and many more. Farr’s music is particularly influenced by his extensive study of percussion, both [...]

Novo Bar and Restaurant website


Novo means “from the beginning”, “refresh, revive, change, invent”. It's Masterton's Countryman Restaurant, re-invented. And to go along with the new look, Novo engaged Nectarine to build them a shiny new website. At Novo, you’ll find a warm, convivial atmosphere and an ambience to suit your mood. Their experienced and friendly staff can cater to any function you may have, [...]

Irena Stenner website


Irena Stenner allows the astounding creative power of the right brain functions to flourish with her art-based team-building workshops! As Irena says, "We live in a world dominated by left-brain thinking and are only just starting to discover how innovative, wise and creative our right-brain intelligence is. Not only does it help find unique and innovative solutions to problems, it [...]

Frillys Gluten Free website


When chef Sean Barnes found out in 2009 that he had Coeliac disease (a severe intolerance to gluten), like so many others he was left dismayed at suddenly having to miss out when eating out. Since then, Sean has been perfecting his gluten-free recipes and he and partner Kate have made it their personal mission to provide delectable, decadent treats [...]

Kuranui College website


Kuranui College is just down the road in Greytown, and they've been on an ambitious updating and modernisation program for some time now. A suite of seven Science and Mathematics classrooms were completed in 2011, and 2012 will see the construction of new Visual Art classrooms. They're also very focused on raising their educational standards and achievement levels, and the [...]

Village Art Shop website


Just down the road from us, right on the bustling Main Street in Greytown, is a glorious haven for any artist: the Village Art Shop. It's a wonderland of paints and pastels, pencils and paper, brushes and bristles, frames and more! The new owners, jewellery artist Richard Hassell and painter Janie Nott, have expanded on the fantastic range to include [...]

Newcastle Council – Water Safety Flash games


Before heading to the fair shores of Aotearoa, we ran a multimedia and web business in Melbourne for over a decade, so it's not unusual to get a call from across the ditch about work! In this case, it was Newcastle City Council; they were embarking on a water safety education programme, and wanted some online games to support the [...]

Taylor Boutique online shop


The lovely people at Taylor Boutique continue to create amazingly stylish and yet incredibly practical garments, and recently decided to make the jump to an online shop. We used the NZ-designed Instinct Wordpress Ecommerce plug-in to integrate the shop into their existing blog. Because it uses a similar interface to blog posting for creating and altering items in the shop, [...]

Ramari website


Ramari textiles is a craft studio and shop in Carterton. Owner Leanne needed a way of showcasing her gorgeous wares to a wider audience. Nectarine created a website that was simple in  design and structure while still having enough functionality to see individual items, cost and dimensions. It is important is that Leanne will be able to add new items [...]

Dressage Wairarapa website


The Dressage Wairarapa site provides a central point for information about the Wairarapa and Solway Dressage clubs, with details and entry forms for their upcoming events, online newsletters and a subscription service so riders can stay up to date with the latest equestrian events in their area. This Wordpress-based site allows the organisers to update the site themselves, providing results [...]



No matter what your thinking style, Cognition is a game that is guaranteed to test your mental stamina and tickle your funny bone in equal measure!  Designed by talented (and slightly twisted) Kiwi brothers David & Andrew Akers, Cognition is the perfect game to bring out after Christmas lunch when you have run out of things to say to your family! [...]