Nectarine sponsors Wairarapa Hockey


We’re thrilled to live in the Wairarapa, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and people by wonderful, creative personalities! So we’re also excited about supporting our local community, and this time it’s the under 15 Wairarapa Girls Hockey reps, who are off to regional and national tournaments in Tauranga. The pics below show the delightful and lovely Rosalie modeling her training top. [...]

Nectarine supports Sunset Cinema Carterton


As both Bek and I have film and animation backgrounds, we're fans and supporters of Sunset Cinema Carterton, run by the not-for-profit Carterton Film Society. Sunset Cinema show monthly films at our wonderful Carterton Events Centre, and it's a great night of film, fun and chatting for local movie lovers. One comment we had back, though, was that the seating [...]

Nectarine sponsors local chess team at Nationals


Nectarine is a firm believer in supporting the Wairarapa community, and we have a history of strong involvement in chess and boardgaming. Director Minty Hunter has run the draw for the past few years at the Wairarapa regional junior and intermediate qualifier tournament and taken winning teams away to compete in the Chess Interschool Nationals. More recently, he helped organise [...]

Lisa Donaldson Ceramics website


Sometimes creating a website can take a fair bit of effort, to make sure all the disparate elements work together to tell a cohesive story with a design that reflects the content. And then sometimes it's just easy-peasy lemon-squeezy! That was the story with the site for Lisa Donaldson Ceramics. Lisa's work is so gorgeous and has such a unique [...]