Roller Derby Logo Design


Roller derby team West Coast Bombers needed a logo design for their newly-formed skate league. It needed to reflect the mix of flair, style and thumping action that is roller derby! Nectarine worked with Emma "Crusher" Camden to come up with something that they all loved. It looks fantastic on their gorgeous new silver and black singlets- merchandise available in the near [...]

Carterton Preschool website


Way back in the distant mists of last decade, we created a nice little HTML site for Carterton Preschool. In the many years since then, the Preschool has grown and now also includes "Littlies" for 0-2 year olds. And in that time, web design standards and technologies have changed massively, all of which meant they needed a brand new gorgeous [...]

Andi Steinemann Construction website


Andi is a Swiss-born builder who spent a lot of time in New Zealand and has now relocated here, bringing his wealth of skills to the Wairarapa. So he needed a website to match! We went with a funky one-page site that tells the story of his skills, expertise and project history in a clean and direct manner. The website [...]

Tripoli Bistro website


Tripoli Bistro in Masterton has entered into new management. With that comes new opening hours, a new menu, new specials... and a new website! Owner Marlon Tortoza needed something up fast, so we leapt into action and whipped up a clean responsive website to tell the world about their fantastic food and fabulous specials. Job done, and only one decision [...]

Salta Horses logo


Dierdre Ryan already had a simple logo for her company Salta Limited: For her Salta Horses venture, she wanted something that retained the feel of her original logo, but captured the essence of the caring and therapeutic benefits she creates when working with people and horses. Bek waved her magic design wand and produced the new look! Dierdre's response? "I [...]

Lisa Donaldson Ceramics website



Sometimes creating a website can take a fair bit of effort, to make sure all the disparate elements work together to tell a cohesive story with a design that reflects the content. And then sometimes it's just easy-peasy lemon-squeezy! That was the story with the site for Lisa Donaldson Ceramics. Lisa's work is so gorgeous and has such a unique [...]

Melbourne Writers’ Theatre website


We do enjoy supporting local businesses and groups with our print and web work, but it's also exciting when you get to tackle international sites! Even if it means dealing with Australians... (Wait, what? Minty, you grew up in Oz and now you're taking cheap potshots at it? Ah, the Kiwi hooks are in deep...) The Melbourne Writers' Theatre aims [...]